28 May, 2010

Ali Rustam: Drug testing on animals a 'God-given right'

Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam today defended the state government's decision to allow the establishment of a multi-million ringgit biotechnology centre that will feature several animal testing laboratories.

He said there was nothing wrong with Malaysia having such a facility because the rest of the world was doing the same.

"In Islam, God made animals as food and for the use of man... That is their fate," he told reporters in Petaling Jaya today.

He was commenting on opposition by animal rights groups to the bid by India's Vivo Biotech to set up the labs in Rembia, Alor Gajah.

Ali Rustam said he could not comprehend the issues raised by the activists, calling them "day dreamers" who are not in touch with reality.

"If the world is against it, then get the United Nations to make a decision. Get the UN to say 'no' to monkey testing on earth, do it on the moon. It will become a crazy world," he said.

Ali Rustam took it a step further by challenging the activists to volunteer themselves as test subjects as an alternative to drug testing on animals.

"I should call this group for a dialogue and I will ask them if they are prepared to replace the rats and monkeys. If they are, then sign (a contract). I don't think they want to do it," he said.

--- Malaysiakini



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