22 May, 2010

Malaysia's bloggers condemning the outrage over the use of the word “Allah”

Haris Ibrahim, creator of the blog 'People's Parliament', said that those who accuse Christians who use the word 'Allah' during their worship of spreading confusion, should look inwards instead.

“If it can supposedly confuse the Muslim community, doesn't that give the impression that their own faith is weak and lacking?

"But if it is, isn't it common sense to strengthen their own faith, instead of affecting other communities.

“Islam is about justice. Minorities should be relieved and happy, because they will know that the Muslim majority would not infringe their rights,” he said.

Speaking at an annual gathering 'Bloggers Universe Malaysia' (BUM 2010) in Subang Jaya, Haris said that even if Malaysian Muslims cannot grasp the concept of the holy trinity of the Christian faith, Prophet Muhammad and other prophets during the early Islamic civilisation had accepted its use.

“And don't go back to challenge what the Prophet said by banning whatever that was allowed by Himself.

“If anyone disagrees, I challenge them to come out and show me the hadith for it,” he said in the session titled 'The Allah issue: Various Perspectives'.

Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad from PAS commented that the issue of the banning itself is selective.

“If the government really does not want the non-Muslims to use the word 'Allah' then why not remove it from the Negeri Sembilan state anthem?

“This is because there is nothing wrong with (the use of the term by non-Muslims) fundamentally.

"It is only when people start being emotional about (the issue) - further spurred by the media, specifically Utusan Malaysia - (then) it becomes a problem,” he said.

However, pro-Umno blogger Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi disagreed, saying that the minorities should be accepting to the needs and wants of the majority.

“If the (Malay-Muslim) majority is uncomfortable with the usage of the word 'Allah', then the minority should stop pursuing it. That is the true meaning of racial harmony,” he said.

He further added fuel to fire to the predominantly multiracial, urban participants of the meet by asserting that the word 'Allah' is reserved exclusively for Muslims and no one else....more

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