17 May, 2010

Najib " rethinks campaign promise " , Muhyiddin Yassin " BN will fulfil its campaign pledges "

Najib Razak said today he has yet to decide if he will approve the RM5 million flood mitigation projects promised to Sibu voters if Barisan Nasional (BN) won yesterday’s by-election.

The prime minister had struck a “deal” with the voters there during the Sibu vote, promising allocations to alleviate the prolonged flooding problems in the area if they backed BN.

“We’ll see first because we have not made any decision on that,” Najib told a press conference here.

The prime minister had made a last-minute pitch when he announced an allocation of RM5 million for flood-mitigation projects in Rejang Park.

“If Robert Lau becomes the MP on Sunday, on Monday I will ask the cheque to be prepared. Do we have a deal or not? We do! You want the RM5 million, I want Robert Lau to win,” Najib reportedly told the crowd.

Contradicted Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s statement, Muhyiddin Yassin said Barisan Nasional will fulfil its campaign pledges to the Sibu electorate despite losing the seat.

“Whatever was announced by the prime minister, me or other BN leaders before, we will fulfil,” said Muhyiddin

Despite pumping in nearly RM20 million into the Sibu by-election by giving RM15 million to schools and RM1.75 million to four Methodist churches, the ruling coalition lost its stronghold to the DAP.

Muhyiddin said BN would conduct a post-mortem on the performance of its election machinery as well as its campaign strategies to analyse the reasons for its loss.

“We will discuss with the BN Sarawak division,”.

The education minister also said that BN would continue to complete whatever commitments it had started for Sarawakians, regardless of race or religion.

“A part of what we have promised has already been fulfilled, whether it was for the Iban, Bumiputera, Melanau, Chinese or Malay communities, or Muslims or Christians, we did not differentiate,” he said.

“Whatever that we have committed, we will continue our commitment,” he added.

Najib had reportedly said that after Phase One of the RM300 million flood mitigation project in Sarawak, Phase Two would commence under the 10th Malaysia Plan.



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