20 September, 2007

Nurin Jazlin

Oh God, no! but Police confirmed the DNA test on the body of a girl found stuffed in a sports bag at a shophouse in Petaling Jaya Utama on Monday is that of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who was missing since a month ago.

Petaling Jaya OCPD ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed said blood tests on the body and Nurin's parents confirmed their blood ties.

He said Nurin's parents were informed of the DNA finding this affernoon.

Read the news fom Malaysiakini here. Bernama here, The Star here.

Original post :

this post will stay here until she's found.
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From Rocky's Bru :
Bloggers, please help. This 8-year old has been missing for 28 days. I am a parent, too, and my heart goes out to her parents. The least I could do is pray for her safe return and, as a blogger, let as many people know about Nurin through the blogsite her dad has set up to help find the baby he's lost. It's nurinjazlin.blogspot.com. Please do a link, fellow bloggers.

More Missing Children
(From The Star Online 19 Sept.2007 )

Nurin Jazlin among 17 children still on police list of missing persons

PETALING JAYA: As the anguish continues for Nurin Jazlin’s parents Jazimin Abdul Jalil and Norazian Bistaman, there are at least 16 other parents out there anxiously awaiting news of their missing children.

Nurin is among the 17 children under the age of nine – 10 boys and seven girls – on the police’s list of missing persons.

These children seem to have “vanished” between January and July this year, and have yet to be found. Some left their homes, and like Nurin, never returned. Others were lured away by friends.

They are among the 34 cases (under nine years old) reported to the police until July. Sixteen of the cases involve boys and 18 others are girls. Police have so far found six boys and 11 girls.

“There were other reasons as well, such as the children running away because they were not interested in studying anymore and wanted freedom.

“Many also cited being scolded by their parents and they felt their parents did not understand them, or they felt their parents did not care for them,” said CID director Commissioner Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee.

“But the main reason for the missing children was family dispute. Ten cases involved one parent taking away the child without informing the other after the couple divorced,” he said.

Wanita MCA chief Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said society must accept that times have changed.

“We must re-look the value of trust. Urbanisation and progress bring development but also complicate society. We have all kinds of strangers around us and our children.

“The onus is on us, as parents, not to allow our children go out by themselves, even if it is to the grocery store. It is unfortunate, but we must also teach our children not to help strangers because the young ones are too innocent to differentiate between a ruse and a genuine cry for help,” said Dr Ng.

The Deputy Finance Minister said as harsh as it sounded, parents must also teach their children not to be trusting of strangers, teachers and even relatives.

“It has been proven that children have been terribly hurt by those closest to them. The bad person is not confined to the stranger on the street,” said Dr Ng.

She urged society to be caring enough to look out for all children.

“If you happen to come across a child in need, or one looking terrified as she is being held tightly by an adult, do not turn a blind eye, ask the child if he needs your help,” said Dr Ng.

Child psychologist and Suhakam commissioner Dr Chiam Heng Keng said adults could not expect children to have the ability to fend for themselves, or differentiate a “good” person from a “bad” one.

“Children below 10 are not mature enough to think rationally. In many advanced countries, the law forbids these children to be left alone at home or venture out on their own,” she said.



Anonymous ainee said...

im sorry to hear about her death. condolences from me. al fatihah for her. may allah place her among the righteous one.

September 20, 2007 6:04 PM  
Blogger Linken Lim said...

Me too are sadden and sorry to hear the news.
Al fatihah ! RIP.

September 20, 2007 7:15 PM  
Anonymous hawaiichee said...

It is a sad day in Malaysia when innocent children are not protected by a society lacking in accoutability and values. Let us hope this AWAKES us MALAYSIANS that Malaysia needs some revamping. This atmosphere of no accountability will spread to every segment of society into every area.


WE NEED TO ENSURE A MORE OPEN AND TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT AND CRIME FIGHTING IN THE COUNTRY. What is all this corrupt IGP allegations, kawan with kingpin stories including various evidences, true or not, we need to DEMAND TRANSPARENCY. It will be more sad news to come but we need to be STRONG and BUILD A MALAYSIA THATS FOR OUR CHILDREN. FREE MALAYSIA FROM ALL THIS CRAP. We need to be the freedom fighters so that we can shout Merdeka meaningfully next year.

Its all about transparency. We have lost that since we are not proud of hard work that we do. We have lost that since we believed we can choose easy way outs. We have lost that since the environment suggest that no one is watching us since the top post go away with corruption easily. We have lost that since no one will really bothers when something bad happens, and we have ourselves to blame.

But, when there is a WILL, there is a WAY

Where is Thy Will, O Malaysians,
Where is thy spirit to seek after justice
Where is thy compassion to comfort the loss
Where is thy anger over injustice

Has it been silenced by ISA?
Has it been tamed by uncompetitiveness?
Has it been confused over misreporting of the mass media?
Has it been screwed up by the powers that be?
So that we do not know what is praise worthy and what is shameful?

Kerja halal harus dipuji
Penat lelah datangkan rezeki
Yang lemah menerima subsidi
Yang tamak hukuman diberi
Sistem adil mendorong kualiti
Kerja halal tak patut disembunyi
Biar yang miskin mendapat DEB
Yang kaya diskaun rumah tak dikehendaki
Lebih bangga dengan amalan terpuji
Sejak bila kita tidak ingin disegani
Selepas mendapat easy money?
Tetapi melupakan pahala Ilahi
Jalan yang benar biar diikuti
Adil dan saksama dijadikan polisi
Berkat Ilahi melimpah dikehendaki

September 21, 2007 1:14 AM  
Blogger J.T. said...

May that little girl rest in peace.

It is true about the last paragraph. Western countries have laws that forbid children under a certain age to be left alone.

Can Malaysia learn from this? If we had the same laws implemented and the authorities acted on it (instead of it just being on paper), it will make difference. It may not solve the problem 100%, in reality, but it will reduce the escalating problem - irresponsible parents and adults with children and tougher punishments on the criminals.

September 21, 2007 11:24 AM  
Blogger Linken Lim said...

"It is a sad day in Malaysia when innocent children are not protected by a society lacking in accoutability and values. Let us hope this AWAKES us MALAYSIANS that Malaysia needs some revamping. This atmosphere of no accountability will spread to every segment of society into every area."

yes, indeed. I strongly agreed with you! The government must change the 'tidak apathy' attitute.

'Can Malaysia learn from this?'

A half past six government, you think Malaysia can ? Malaysia booo leh !

September 21, 2007 9:38 PM  

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