15 September, 2007

Don't Expect Shark's Fin Soup At Ministry Functions

Sorry, no more Shark's Fin Soup At Ministry Functions !

Malaysiakini reported that Malaysia's Natural Resources and Environment Ministry has struck off shark's fin soup from the menus at official functions, to help conserve the species,

Minister Azmi Khalid told the official Bernama news agency that the ministry had made the commitment to the Malaysian Nature Society.

"By refraining from the consumption of shark's fin soup, it is hoped that the ministry would contribute in one way or another towards the current conservation efforts for sharks species," he said.

"Their demise would start off a domino effect, which at each stage could result in the depletion or overpopulation of other fish and marine species leading to an imbalance in the marine ecosystem," he said.

The marine group has embarked on a series of activities and programmes to promote awareness about the plight of the shark, its importance as a key component of the marine ecosystem, and to correct popular misconceptions about shark's fin soup.

The statement did not say whether the ministry might consider a wider ban on shark's fin soup.

Conservationists say shark's fins are cut from sharks that are thrown back into the ocean to die. Tens of millions of sharks are estimated to be killed each year for their fins.

Shark's fin soup is widely served in many restaurants in Malaysia, which has a large ethnic Chinese minority.

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