07 September, 2007

Amazing English Sentences

Look at these sentences. Each of them is normal English for some people, somewhere in the world.

Could you say or write any of them? Do you think you understand them? What do you think they mean?

# Let's buy some food home! (Singapore)
# Don't smoke without causing an explosion! (South Wales)
# AIDS is very popular in Africa. (Hong Kong)
# My hair needs washed. (Scotland, Northern Ireland, parts of USA)
# Whenever my baby was born I was 26. (Northern Ireland)
# Her outlook is very beautiful. (Hong Kong)
# John smokes a lot anymore. (Mid-West USA)
# I am difficult to study. (Hong Kong)
# I might could do it. (Scotland, Northern England, India, parts of USA)
# My name is spelt with four alphabets. (Singapore)
# You must beware of your handbag! (Hong Kong)
# We'll be there nine while ten. (Lancashire, Yorkshire)
# He loves his car than his girlfriend. (India, parts of Africa)
# Come here till I punch you! (Ireland, Liverpool, Cumbria, parts of Scotland)
# I'm after losing my ticket. (Ireland)
# My brother helps me with my studies and so do my car. (Hong Kong)
# I use to live there now. (Singapore)
# My grandfather died for a long time. (Hong Kong)
# I am having a nice car. (India, Singapore)
# I'll give it him. (Northern England (standard))
# Robots can do people not like jobs. (Hong Kong (low proficiency))

Are you surprised to hear then the following sentences are considered `bad English,' or not even used at all, in some other English speaking countries? [Can someone please confirm this!!?]

# Essendon is winning most of its games.
# If he'd suggested that, they may not have lost the election.
# If the car didn't break down, we'd have been on time.
# His score of 50 was his highest since he made 45 two years ago.

BY Dr. Mark Newbrook, Linguistics Department, Monash University, Australia



Blogger Jase Lee said...

I have the same experience with an Aussie when I asked him to 'gostan' his car. He looked at me dumbfounded when I have to explain our 'gostan' is a short version of 'go astern'. And he said: "You guys are pecker than the Kiwis."

September 10, 2007 7:03 PM  
Blogger Linken Lim said...

"gostan" is as good as "Mat Salleh",truly Malaysia !

September 10, 2007 7:34 PM  

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