05 September, 2007

A Tic for a Tac ?

Our cops brutally beat up an Indonesian karate referee when he was here.

Malaysian Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan has made an apology to Indonesian karate referee Donald Peter Luther Kolopita, who was said to have been assaulted by four Malaysian policemen in Negeri Sembilan.

Anti-Malaysia protests being held in Indonesia after referee assault.

Now, according to Antara reports, three Malaysians have been arrested for visa violation.

Unspun understands that several parties in the Malaysian community including Embassy officials are trying to secure their release. One party said there was “more to it” than a straight-forward arrest for visa violation.

Immigration office arrests three Malaysians for visa violation

BOGOR, West Java (Antara): The Bogor Immigration Office has arrested three Malaysians, identified as The Choong Eng (53), Yap Yuen Loy (43) and Tee Kok Khing (31), for violating their visas, an official said.
“The three Malaysians used their tourist visas to work for a company in Bogor. They worked in the quality control division of PT Mastrotto Indonesia in Sentul, Bogor,” said the head of the Bogor Immigration Office, Ibrahim Saleh, on Monday.
Ibrahim said the three were arrested last Friday as they attempted to extend their temporary visas.
Foreigners working in Indonesia are required to have a work visa from the Immigration Office and a work permit issued by the Manpower Ministry. They also have to pay income tax, said Ibrahim.
He said the Bogor Immigration Office was processing the case files of the three Malaysians, which will be sent to the local prosecutor’s office when completed.

And from Jakarta Post :

(Mis)perceptions of Indonesia, beyond incompetence, arrogance

Tri Pujanarto, Yogyakarta

he recent spat between Malaysia and Indonesia over the alleged beating of an Indonesian referee by four Malaysian police officers on Aug. 24 is officially settled. But there left over is a tingle upon the prevailing perceptions of Malaysians of Indonesians, and vice versa.

As recently highlighted by former foreign minister Ali Alatas, while Malaysians perceive Indonesians to be incompetent, uneducated, illegal immigrants and troublesome, Indonesians see Malaysians as arrogant. The interesting fact behind these perceptions, or misconceptions, is that Indonesians are lower in both claims.

The same is true in Australia, with a longer list; Indonesia and Indonesians are perceived as unstable, unsafe, corrupt, having inferior political and social systems, as poor/miserable, irrational, incompetent, human rights abusers, an inferior race (Australia and Indonesia, A Neighbor's Perspective, by Inez Mahony, University of the Sunshine Coast)....(More)

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