03 May, 2010

Msia press still 'not free' !

Malaysia moved up two notches to 141 on the annual Freedom House press freedom ranking of 196 countries, but remains in the bottom 32 percent of countries which fall under “not free” category.

Malaysia shares its placing with Algeria and Zambia.

The top 10 nations comprise of Finland, Iceland , Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Andorra, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

On the opposite end, the bottom five countries are Eritrea (ranked 192), Libya (192), Burma (194), Turkmenistan (194) and North Korea (196).

Regionally, there was little change to the rankings as Malaysia remains behind neighbours Phillippines (ranked 97), Indonesia (107), Thailand (124) and Cambodia (134).Singapore at 151.

Freedom House placed Phillippines, Indonesia and Thailand under the “partly free” category.

Freedom House is a international democratic freedoms advocacy group based in Washington, DC. The rankings were released today in conjunction with May 3 international Press Freedom Day.


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