27 March, 2010

'Use the ISA in 'Allah' issue' - Perkasa

Opening right-wing Malay group Perkasa’s AGM today,former PM Dr Mahathir asked for a comprehensive review to answer allegations that the Malays have stolen the country’s wealth and denied the rights of non-Malays.

“I ask that if people want to accuse, make accusations that have basis, don’t be unfair,” Dr Mahathir told the Perkasa faithful.

“I am not racist, I love my country, we are not racists ... if we cannot be fair to the Malays, then we cannot be fair to other races,” he had said.

Dr Mahathir said: “If I am wrong, prove it to me, prove it to others.”

Perkasa also urged the government not to bow to "pressure and threats" from Chinese-based political parties and groups into sacrificing bumiputera rights for electoral votes.

Chinese NGOs such as Ziong Dong and (Associated) Chinese Chambers (of Commerce) have used all available opportunities to pressure the government with all kinds of demands that benefit the Chinese community.

"In the event that their demands are not met, they would threaten to vote for Pakatan Rakyat, which is willing to surrender everything to the Chinese community,".

Perkasa's annual general meeting today also passed resolutions on three other matters - politics, education, religion and security.

They called for the preservation of the Internal Security Act (ISA), and urged the government to use the law against those who maligned Islam, including "corrupting" the purity of the word 'Allah'.

They also called for the government to change all bumiputera-to-non-bumiputera quotas to 90:10, or at least based on the country's ethnic composition, 67:37.

Meanwhile, Dr Mahathir Mohamed today told his successor Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to open his ears to the voice of Perkasa and other Malay NGOs.

"I would like to remind the current leadership to listen to the Malay NGOs. They represent the Malays. He should be mindful of the Malays for they are his constituents. They hold the votes (in their hands)."

"The Malays are flocking to Perkasa because Umno has failed to promote and fight for the Malay cause."

In an immediate response, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang lamented Mahathir's backing of Perkasa.

“Mahathir has come full circle, from an ultra back again to an ultra – repudiating Bangsa Malaysia and Vision 2020 which he enunciated in 1991. This is the greatest tragedy.”



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