29 June, 2008

Police To Probe Sodomy Allegation On Anwar

A police report has been lodged against PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim for allegedly sodomosing one of his aides - the second time that such an accusation had been made in over 10 years.

The report was lodged by the 23-year-old victim at the Jalan Travers police station at 6pm.

KL police chief DCP Muhammad Sabtu Osman has confirmed that the report had been made.

- Malaysiakini.

Anwar Ibrahim, the Malaysian opposition leader who once was the country's deputy prime minister, has been accused of sodomising a male aide.

Police are investiagting the complaint, Ku Chin Wah, Kuala Lumpur's police chief for criminal investigations, said on Saturday.

Anwar's lawyer has denied the allegation and Anwar himself called it a "complete fabrication".

The opposition Keadilan party said that Saiful Bahari, one of Anwar's aides, had been arrested on Saturday and "forced" to make a statement saying Anwar had sodomised him.

The police declined to identify who had made the complaint.

Anwar Ibrahim has issued a statement on the latest police report lodged against him - that he had sodomised his special assistant Saiful Bahari.

Anwar says this will not prevent him from releasing the dossier to the public - that the IGP and AG had fabricated false evidence against him in his 1998 sodomy trial.

The police report lodged against me earlier today is a complete fabrication. I believe we are witnessing a repeat of the methods used against me in 1998 when false allegations were made under duress. This is clearly a desperate attempt by the Barisan Nasional regime to arrest the movement of the Malaysian people towards freedom, democracy and justice.

The report has been organized by interested parties to attack me in retaliation for evidence I have recently obtained implicating IGP Musa Hassan and the AG Gani Patail in misconduct including fabrication of evidence in the cases launched against me in 1998-1999. This vile attack will not prevent me from releasing this dossier to the public.

I urge the Malaysian people to stand against the repressive forces that will be unleashed by the government in the coming days and weeks. We expect the media, the judiciary and the police force to all come under the direct and unchecked control of the executive.

My fellow Malaysians - we took a bold step forward on March 8th towards a new dawn for freedom and justice for all of our citizens. This people’s movement for change must go on with all of our strength and conviction.


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says he is leaving to the police to investigate to determine the authenticity of the sodomy allegation against Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim by a 23-year-old youth claiming to be his aide.

"What Anwar has said is not for us to decide. He will surely deny. Normally, it's like that. The accused will normally deny the allegation,"

Anwar sodomising again?…...

I worries for the Nation..

While I am not surprised by the latest police report, I am worried about the impact of this latest police report. Allow me to explain why.

Pak Lah is not Mahathir..

While Mahathir is respected as being one of the intelligent leaders the world ever produces, he is a political maverick. He was able to handle Anwar case calmly and was able to bring the nation back on its track despite the financial crisis.

The same cannot be said about Pak Lah. Our present PM is indeed a nice man but being a nice man is not enough to lead a nation. I am worried that Anwar supporters will start a riot. Compared to before, today five states government are behind Anwar and this can only creates more problems. I am worried that the Government of the day may not be able to handle a nationwide riot.

If in the Mahathir- Anwar crisis, the people was angry but they were not actually burden but today the people is angry. They are burden by the high cost of living. I believe many people out there believe Anwar story that he could actually brings down the cost of fuel and i.e. the cost of living. I am afraid that the people that is worst affected by the fuel price hike may just use this latest situation to release their steam.

Anwar and his people are not about to sit down and do nothing with this new allegation. Based on what was reported in M/Kini and M/Today, there are already people gathering in Shah Alam. I urged all people to remain calm. I urge all state government to remain neutral. The new allegation is a personal matter between two individuals.

Whom am I referring to? While some would postulate that is a matter between Saiful and Anwar but if you stretch your imagination a little bit more then you will realized that it is probably a political game between the nation power brokers. There is a malay proverb that says “ Bila Gajah bergaduh, Pelanduk mati tersepit”. Use your imagination and Pak Lah is not one of the
“Gajah” and the people is the “Pelanduk”. By the way, isn’t Gajah is the official mascot of the state of Pahang.

I urge all Malaysian to remain calm. I want to give the same advice that I gave to my troops while I was serving the Army during the height of Anwar – Mahathir crisis. My men listen to me that time and I hope all readers would spare some thoughts on what I am about to say.

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