08 April, 2008

Oral Me !

A toothpaste sold at a hypermarket here, has raised a few eyebrows as well as having drawn laughter as its brand name was considered to be rather suggestive by some people.

The brand? 'Oral-Me'.

Malaysians are debating whether "Oral Me" as a toothpaste brand name is sexually suggestive or not and the product is raising laughs as well as eyebrows in the country.

Ya, what about 'Follow Me', 'Oral B' , 'Kiss Me' ?

I think it’s an interesting way to market the product.

At least now you can quickly learn how to sell your products with little or no investment in advertising .... :)



Blogger J.T. said...

This product will sell itself. Even if some people don't use it, they will buy it as gag gifts.

It is all in the mind, actually. It tells how a person thinks, doesn't it? haha (I am guilty as charged)

April 09, 2008 3:12 AM  
Blogger Linken Lim said...

Hi, j.t.

Nice to see you here again.

I should have got you one when you were back in Malaysia, too bad, as i told zawi, I am just too busy doing nothing :)

April 09, 2008 7:42 PM  

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