05 April, 2008

HandSolo - a new wireless phone

Wireless giant Qualcomm ginned up an elaborate joke on April Fool's Day, inventing a product called the HandSolo -- a "device-free" wireless phone whose name nods to "Star Wars." Customers get a chip implanted in their pinky finger that turns their hand into a cellphone and MP3 player, all explained in a video on the company's Web site.

The HandSolo is the first ultra-portable handheld device designed to streamline the way you use mobile technology. It comes complete with advanced mobile features such as an optical camera, unlimited expandable memory storage, and 24 hour battery life.

* No device required
* Intuitive speech recognition
* Voice-activated dialing. Optional: Thought-activated dialing
* Integrated speakerphone with “YourVoice” volume control
* “High-five” call transfer
* Turn-by-turn navigation capability (pointer finger required)
* Voice recording and playback (thumb & pinky-activated)
* Human memory polyphonic ring tones with hand vibrate alert
* Human optic-powered 2 mega-pixel camera
* Air-text messaging enabled
* Alarm clock with adjustable wake-up intensities from slight finger prodding to intense face slapping
* Drunk Dialing Deterrent triggered once .08 blood alcohol level is achieved
* Portable music player with embedded thumb-speakers
* Waterproof



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