25 December, 2007

Laure Manaudou-in nude pics controversy

THE world's most glamourous swimmer, Olympic and world championship gold medallist Laure Manaudou, is today subject of a cruel internet extortion and her former boyfriend, Italian swimming heartthrob Luca Marin, is accused of posting nude photos of her on the net.

(Warning : contains adult content, view at your own risk. If you are easily offended, please do not click !!)

International swimming circles are in shock at the posting of the nude photos of 21-year-old Frenchwoman Manaudou which are understood to have been taken in intimate moments during her relationship with 21-year-old Marin.

Marin today was forced to deny accusations that he posted the photos as revenge for Manaudou dumping him in one of sport's most spectacular love gone wrong splits.

The finger of accusation has been firmly pointed at Marin, a typically fiery Italian, after they are understood to have broken up at the recent European short-course championships in what can only be called the most Mediterranean of break-ups.

At the championships in Hungary, Manaudou, who took gold in the 100m backstroke and 400 metres freestyle in Debrecen, threw away a ring given to her by Marin before arguing with him in front of other swimmers and the camera in the changing rooms on Sunday.

And in the hours following the row - and when it was also revealed that the Frenchwoman is now linked romantically to champion backstroker Benjamin Stasiulis - nude photos and a video of Manaudou appeared on the web.

Hence how Marin became the scorned lover now chief suspect in what members of Europe's swimming circles say could be the ultimate revenge act on a sports star in any sport worldwide.

"I know nothing about the video and have only seen the photos. Yes, it looks like it's really her but it is ridiculous to think that it was me who put them there,'' Marin told Gazzetta dello Sport publication today.

Marin, who lost his 400m European medley title to Hungary's Laszlo Cseh last Friday, also denied accusations from French witnesses that he had verbally abused Manaudou in public.

"They are inventions. I only said that she had done a very rude thing (by throwing the ring away) and that I was happy she was no longer my girlfriend,'' he said today.

Manaudou caused a rumpus in France in May when she joined the LaPresse Nuoto club in Turin, saying she wanted a new challenge and wished to be nearer her then boyfriend Marin. They even talked of having babies together.

But the club fired her three months later, citing attitude problems.

The love affair of Manaudou and Marin captivated Melbourne during this year's world championships as photographers captured them daily frollicking together, kissing and hugging poolside.

In Manaudou's only public comments so far, she said: "I've decided not to talk about my personal life anymore, it doesn't concern journalists. I would prefer to keep silent about this point.''



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