21 December, 2007

A Star is Born-Asian Idol 2007

In an unexpected victory that caught even the winner by surprise, Singapore's Hady Mirza was crowned the first Asian Idol in Jakarta

A dark horse in the singing competition, the 26-year-old winner of the second season of Singapore Idol beat five other contestants, including favourites Mike Mohede, 24, from Indonesia, and Jaclyn Victor, 29, from Malaysia.

Asian Idol had been taken place in Indonesia on Saturday, December 15 2007 and Sunday, December 16 2007. This kind of competition is to find a new star regionally after the first finding of national scale stars.

Star qualities were found in these top 3 competitors: Jacklyn Victor from Malaysia, Mike Mohede from Indonesia and Mau Marcello from Phillipines. According to the professional official judges, they were the best. But unfortunately all their comments to guide the public in choosing the best one were in fact useless. When someone is to win means no professional taking part to give the clue. All the official judges’ comments would come to an ignorance that their words might sound a little bit fussy for voters. A fresh proof had already been shown. Sorted by ability the official judges recommended top 3 competitors but voters did the opposite by choosing one from bottom 3 competitors. Those bottom 3 competitors were Phuong Vy from Vietnam, Hady Mirza from Singapore and Abhijeet from India.

In the second half of Asian Idol Result Show, came the result announcement session which everybody had been waiting for. While the competitors were standing side by side, the hosts announced that Hady Mirza is the first Asian Idol. This good looking single was once assumed not having adequate capability to become even a Singapore Idol. Ironically now he is chosen in the bigger level still with his low skill. At once, the wish to shout ‘a new star is born’ was replaced by ‘a new shame is born’. Shame on us to let international quality skilled Jacklyn Victor for example was beaten by a ‘nothing special’ singer. Shame on us that for the bigger level World Idol we send the wrong competitor.

Some people not wholly agree with an opinion saying that Idol competition is a competition wherever it is held. Sometimes it happens that this competition is a popularity competition rather than an ability competition. By the interference of public on the way the winner determined, it looks more like a luck gambling event than a competition. A singing contest can easily turn into a good looking contest. Frankly, that is exactly the weakness of this Fremantle’s competition. It puts all in the same category so called idol and lets incompetence judges judge over the routine shows.

Since the public are the incompetence judges, they massively perform their unreliable assessments based on personal appetites. It warns us that the judges with phones or cell phones are more dangerous than the official ones. Therefore a special space for them limited in seeking in category of favourite winner only is completely needed to put below the full authority of official judges who may choose the most proper winner instead of public’s full authority to determine anything.

It needs one president or king to run a country and that is the essence of running a country. It needs a little number of official judges to determine a contest winner and that is the essence of running a contest. Asian Idol and the smaller scale Idol competitions were from the very start lost their essence as competitions. What happened to Asian Idol and other Idol competitions were like thousands of presidents managed one civilian of their favourite, ignoring the maximal delegation to more knowledgable experienced persons. This Idol competition conjured morons to one night presidents, entraping people to yearly repeated mistakes.

A question to Fremantle Media is how much longer will this unexpected consequence be let, because to get along with the age is to develop by fixing the weakness to a better version. This sort of development usually happens to a great country, a law, a technology product such as a hardware and software. And how Oprah Winfrey becomes the most expensive TV show host is because she develops and so does the show. Everyone waits to witness no more ‘new shame is born’ because the utmost importance is to witness ‘new star is born’.

9+1 Reasons Why Hady Miza Is Asian Idol

1. He amassed “the other vote”

The contest rules were such that each person had to vote for two candidates, fans would give their “other votes” to a “neural” competitor rather than a strong one and that person is Hady.

2. He’s got the looks.

With his boyish, surfer-dude looks, well-built frame and nice hair, Hady was eye candy. Even the judges acknowledged his physical appeal even if they didn’t like his singing.

3. He’s got the charm.

Hady’s showmanship was excellent. In the entertainment industry, it was not enough to be able to sing well. You had to possess the charm and personality of a star as well.

4. His Malay appeal.

Race matters. Hady happens to be a Malay Singaporean, it meant that a sizeable number of Malays from Malaysia and Indonesians feel a certain kinship with him.

5. His universal appeal.

While Hady attracted the Malay archipelago votes, he also had an unthreatening Asianess about him that people from Vietnam to India could also relate to.

6. He kept it real.

Even though he was an idol to many, Hady still has the essence of the every man that many can relate to.

7. The whole package.

Record label head all agreed that Hady had what they called “the package” A nice balance of everything, looks, talent and the X-factor.

8. Ken’s strategy: Relak bro

Ken’s advise for Hady,” Don’t even think you are in a competition. Just relax and be yourself.”

9. Good song choice.

All contestants had to sing a song in English and another one reflecting their ethnicity. The Malay song, Berserah was a simple song which reaches out instantly. That had a wide appeal among the Malaysians and Indonesians. His second song Beautiful Day by U2, was the same one that Norwegian Kurt Nilsen sang to become World Idol.

10. Divine intervention.

“It was redemption. Even though he won Singapore Idol, he didn’t really got the treatment of a national champion. His win in Asian Idol was a sort of payback.” said Singaporean R&B crooner Imran Ajmain.

Still pondering if he deserved to win?



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