23 June, 2010

Perkasa boss:"let's play fire with fire" !

Perkasa boss Ibrahim Ali continued his verbal tirade against Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong over the overseas scholarship issue.

He also stood firm on his allegation that the MCA Youth chief had questioned Malay rights, although the deputy minister denied this.

To stress his point, the Perkasa boss quoted a June 16 news report where Wee was reported as asking if the government would reduce the number of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) scholarships following plans to scrap Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships.

Wee was also quoted as saying that scrapping PSD scholarships would not be in line with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's 1Malaysia concept.

Mara scholarships are specifically allocated to Bumiputera students while PSD scholarships are for the other races.

Clearly vexed by Wee's comments at a press conference earlier accusing Ibrahim of “talking rubbish and seeking cheap publicity”, the Perkasa boss said the news report proved his claim.

“So what did he (Wee) mean by this statement? Why did he drag Mara into this? What is his motive? 1Malaysia is only a concept and does not mean (equal privileges for all).

“I would like to throw this paper at his face!” he thundered.

Ibrahim also claimed that Wee is attempting to turn the tables on him after landing in a spot with his comments.

“He was caught saying this and now he wants to deny; he blames me and says that I am looking for cheap publicity. As far as I am concerned, I always talk with facts,” he said.

The Perkasa boss also warned that Wee, the Ayer Hitam MP, would be vanquished in the next general election if he continues to question Malay rights.

“The Malays will never support him. If the Chinese, Indians and Malays stop supporting MCA, then his election result would add up to zero,” he said.

Ibrahim also plans to expose Wee's “true colours” to the Ayer Hitam constituents in Johor when Perkasa sets up a branch there.

“I would tell the Malay voters there (about him), let’s play fire with fire,” he said....more

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