15 June, 2010

Perak: Another frog , a "clean" frog from DAP joins "Hee" the independent frog !!

Malim Nawar state assembly person Keshvinder Singh has quit DAP and declared himself independent.

His decision to quit DAP and support BN is ironical since he had complained to the authorities last year that he was offered RM20 million to defect, declare himself Independent and express support for BN.

He had claimed that the offers were made by various agents claiming to represent then Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

In March 2008, Keshvinder won the seat with a majority of 1,362 against MCA's Dr Chai Song Poh.

Keshvinder told reporters that he tendered his resignation to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng this morning, citing too much politicking in Pakatan as his reason for quitting.

He said that his decision was in the best interests of his constituents because he believes that only BN can help develop the area, which is largely rural.

"The state and national DAP did not assist me in helping the people. I couldn't do anything for my constituents as an opposition state assembly person," he said, adding that he had been using his own funds thus far.

He also denied suggestions that he was paid to leave DAP and challenged detractors to inspect his bank accounts.

He remained adamant that he has not been approached by any BN members.

“I am clean,” he said.

Nizar, the ex-MB, has just told reporters at the Parliament this morning that several BN reps had come to see him.

These reps had told him they were unhappy with MB Zambry and would support Nizar if a vote of no confidence is proposed against the MB.




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