14 September, 2009

Malaysian centenarian wants 23rd marriage !

Mek Wok Kundor, a 107-year-old Malaysian was in search for her 23rd marriage when she felt insecure with her current husband, a local daily reported here on Monday.

The Star said Mek, better known as Tok Wook, was afraid that her husband might leave her to marry another younger woman here.

The centenarian married Mohd Noor Che Musa, 37, in 2005. The marriage drew massive public attention owing to the large age gap between the couple.

Many people were skeptical about their marriage but Tok Wook revealed her happiness to the media sometime after their marriage.

Mohd Noor, a drug addict, is currently undergoing a drug rehabilitation program here, leaving Tok Wook alone at Kuala Berang in the state of Terengganu.

The Star quoted Tok Wook as saying that she would visit her husband if her neighbors were willing to give her a drive here.

She said although feeling insecure, she would wait for him without thinking of another marriage if he reciprocated, adding that she was lonely without him.

She also said she was not searching for a handsome man but someone to be her companion in her remaining years of live.



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