14 July, 2009

Infidelity !

PR, DAP and BN died and arrived at the gate. St Paul explains to them:

'Heaven is a very big place and you need a car to get around. The car you get depends solely on how faithful you were to your spouse while you were alive'

PR was married for 15 years and cheated on his wife 3 times so he got a Citi Golf.

DAP was married 20 years and cheated on his wife once so he got a Toyota Corolla.

BN was married for 50 years and never cheated on his wife so he got a BMW.

PR and DAP were very envious of BN!

A couple of months later PR and DAP see Eric sitting on the pavement crying...

DAP asks: 'What's wrong buddy?'

BN replies: 'I just saw my wife'

PR asks: 'So? why are you crying?'

BN says: 'She was on a bicycle!



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