09 October, 2007

Redundant Rela : Embassy blasts Rela officers

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Malaysia Boleh does it again. This time confirming that it boleh try to bully the Indonesians. I am very malu to be a Malaysian and I think many Malaysians feel this way again.To my Indonesian friends: We are story for a very goblok government that seems to be losing control of even its own government servants. Please take note that it is the government and its aparat, not the Malaysians that are doing this. Unspun, for one, feels strongly that the Malaysian government should apologize unconditionally for this latest act of stupidity.

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Indonesia has protested to Malaysia over the detention of a diplomat's wife by security personnel who mistook her for an illegal immigrant, an official said Tuesday.

The Indonesian Embassy sent a protest note to Malaysia's Foreign Ministry after volunteer security force members detained Muslianah Nurdin, the wife of the embassy's culture attache, at a market district in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, said embassy official Shanti Utami Retnaningsih.

Security corps members placed Nurdin with other illegal immigrants because they failed to recognize her diplomatic identity card, but she was released later after convincing them that she was with the embassy, Retnaningsih said.

"They treated her like an illegal immigrant. ... It's unacceptable," Retnaningsih said. "This incident shows disrespect to members of our embassy."

Rela officers have come under fire from the Indonesian Embassy here following the harsh treatment of an Indonesian diplomat's wife and a university student during the agency's anti-illegal immigrant operations in Chow Kit and Kajang.

In separate statements issued yesterday, the embassy said that Muslianah Nurdin was detained by a Rela officer on Saturday while shopping in Chow Kit despite producing her diplomatic identity card issued by Wisma Putra.

“She showed her card to the officer who claimed that he did not recognise it. She was detained and placed with other illegal immigrants.

“Based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the Rela officer has violated international laws by showing disrespect to a member of the embassy,” it said yesterday.

In the other incident, the embassy claimed that Rela officers raided the house of Muha-mmad Yunus Lubis in Kajang.

It said the officers had shouted, forced open the door and entered the house early yesterday.

“At first, Yunus refused to open the door for fear that he might be harmed by criminals.

“The team released him after he showed his identification card, passport and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia student card.

“However, they refused to pay compensation for the damage incurred during the raid,” it ad-ded.

The embassy said it had asked the co-operation of the Government in taking action against the Rela officers involved.

A Wisma Putra spokesman said the ministry was unaware of the embassy's claim.

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