20 August, 2007

I have been fair, I want to be fair, I’ll always be fair

Please do learn to forgive.

As any one of us can make errors, why not try to forgive others?

It is so hard to forgive and yet it is very easy to simply highlight one's errors, and seemingly enjoy other's falls!

When Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has assured all Malaysians that his policies will be fair and equitable to all communities.

“I have been fair, I want to be fair and I will always be fair. This is my promise to you,” said Abdullah.

Abdullah also said the younger post-independence generation should learn the meaning of consensus and patriotism.

“The presence of many young people who came to the Merdeka event in Malacca showed that these future leaders understand and embrace the aspirations of our country,”

When Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi became Prime Minister 45 months ago, he invited Malaysians to speak up and pledged to “hear the truth, however unpleasant”, from the people.

Wee had acted on Abdullah’s invitation and spoken up about the injustices and wrongs in Malaysia 50 years after Merdeka so that the country could be improved to become a better nation capable of competing with the rest of the world, wrote Uncle Kit.

Wee had done what very few Malaysians had done, taking the national flag Jalur Gemilang with him when he went overseas to study, and waving the national flag when his multi-national university sports team won a game, showing his pride and love for the nation.

Which Umno Minister or leader demanding for a pound of flesh from Wee for his Negarakuku rap had such love and pride for the country as to take the national flag with him or her when going overseas?

It is a disgrace that the Cabinet last week spent a lot of time to discuss Wee’s case neglecting the many important national issues plaguing the country, particularly rising crime and worsening corruption. What is even more shocking, no Cabinet Minister had time to listen to the grievances of Malaysians articulated by Wee in his Negarakuku rap but only how to demonise, criminalize and crush Wee.

The Negarakuku rap video clip on YouTube has doubled to almost 2.5 million hits because of the irrational and outrageous Cabinet decision last Wednesday, reeking with double standards when extracting an apology from Wee and yet refusing to put the issue to rest by insisting that Wee face the full consequences of the law.

- Lim Kit Siang

When Klang politico-strongman Zakaria Deros built his mansion without permission, the cabinet was quick to urge forgiveness for a much bigger offence. Where is the justice in that?

Would the de facto law minister be very much interested in getting the attorney-general to see what charges can be laid on Zakaria? After all, he has apologised and we have forgiven him, but the course of law must take its due process.

If the powers-that-be are unable to do so, then they should definitely stop making a mountain out of a molehill regarding the ‘Negarakuku’.

- Negarakuku: Nazri out to detract public attention
SKD, letter to Malaysiakini



Anonymous LOW SOOI MUN said...

The negarakuku saga has been blown out of proportion. It has got nothing to do with patriotism but an attempt by some quarters to distract from the more important issues like corruption , abuse of power and mind boogling INCOMPETENCE . Just last week the tragic bus accident which claimed 22 lives . I don't see ministers coming out and threatening those responsible with threats like traitor or treason yet these people took the lives of innocent malaysians with their greed .
How about the mind boogling INCOMPETENCE of the PDRM . Their third rate shoddy police work has resulted in murderers walking free . I only see the LICE in PO-LICE.
Howabout the innocent baby girl who had to have her arm amputated because of the criminally negligent doctors . I don't see any ministers coming out to show their outrage .
The way to win the heart of the rakyat is to get rid of these corrupt and incompetent officials . Only then will we proudly fly the Jalur Gemilang.

August 20, 2007 8:47 PM  

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