19 July, 2010

16-year-old school dropout shot by police, 'on oxygen and semi-conscious'

A 16-year-old school dropout, who was shot by police, has taken a turn for the worst as he was in semi-consciousness and on oxygen on Monday, according to his auntie, Christina Buong.

Christina, who works at the Sibu General Hospital as a cleaner, said she had gone to see her nephew to ask him what had happened. “This noon, I saw him on oxygen and semi-conscious,” she said crying.

She said the doctor had told her that he could not reveal much about his conditions as the case was under the police.

She added that when she asked her nephew earlier in the morning what had happened, he replied that he did not know why he was shot as he was not the one with the chopper. He said he was drunk as his friends made him drink.

The aunty said her nephew is not the drinking type so he got drunk fast on a bit of alcohol.

Christina said she is in a dilemma now as she was unable to contact the boy’s father who is in Limbang.

“After my sister died, he was with us since young,” she said. The suspect is a Muslim and his mother is a Dayak.

The suspect was shot after he was alleged to make an attempt to attack two policemen who were there to arrest him Saturday night at 11.40 pm.

DPC Hamza Taib, in a press conference yesterday evening, said two policemen who were drinking coffee at a restaurant saw three suspects running away and gave chase.

Hamza said the policemen, one a corporal and another a lance corporal, saw a suspect threw the chopper at them. The suspect was alleged to have picked up the chopper again and try to attack them despite a warning shot. The police fired in self defence, said Hamza.

Meanwhile, State CID head SAC Huzir Mohd said a forensic team had gone to Sibu to investigate the case. He said an officer here was handling the case and that the police had yet to identify who the other two suspects were.

- Malaysian Mirror

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