18 December, 2009

Royal Malaysia Police - Use Facebook as an alternative approach to solve criminal cases !

National Key Result Areas (NKRA) for crime prevention laboratory leader Abdul Aziz Md Noor said the social networking site, which is widely used by the community, could help the authorities fight crime.

“We previously used the short-message service (SMS) through the Rakan Cop programme (to fight crime), but with this new approach we hope to solve cases faster.

“For example, by displaying photos of suspects on Facebook, the public could indirectly channel information regarding the case to the police,” he said .

Besides helping the police, he said the social networking site would also help foster a closer relationship between the PDRM and the people.

Abdul Aziz said the public could also file reports and complaints on crime to police through the website.

“It is difficult for the police to control crime without the help and support of the community.

“If the public helps to report all criminal activities to the police, we believe the target to reduce crime by 20 per cent by the end of 2010 is possible,” he said.



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