14 October, 2009

Now, everyone can be a leader ?

"MCA is capable of solving its own problems through its own internal mechanisms. The crisis that the Party is facing right now is typical of any organisation that calls for change and reforms, particularly the eradication of unacceptable and decadent practices. The Party is now at a crossroad. We can either change or carry on at our own peril." said Ong Tee Keat.

"Rest assured I will do what needs to be done in the best interest of Party."

With our naked eyes, we see leaders being followed by their followers and followers being led by their leaders, sometimes blindly.

In fact, this is the bond that ties a leader and a follower as one.

While the dust has yet to settle on the leadership impasse in the MCA but it seems that a fresh round of internal strife is emerging from among the ‘pretenders’ to the throne.

It has been widely reported that a group of presidential council members of the party met at a hotel here Sunday night to discuss several proposals to be tabled at central committee meeting.

The CC meeting will discuss the next step forward for the party following last Saturday’s EGM which created a stalemate for the party’s internal problems.

The meeting of several key leaders Sunday night was reportedly called by vice-president Liow Tiong Lai. Among those present were another vice-president Kong Cho Ha, Wanita leader Chew Mei Fun, CC members Loke Yuen Yow, Liew Yuen Keong and Lee Wee Kiat. One senator from Kelantan was also present.

Malaysian Mirror learned that among the proposals brought up was to let Liow Tiong Lai take over as party president and Kong Cho Ha be made deputy president.

Soon after this was suggested (supposedly by Liow), Kong reportedly left the hotel in a huff – a sign of his unhappiness and surely a notification that he was not one to play second fiddle to Liow.

Kong was elected vice-president with the highest number of votes at the party elections last year. Liow, Dr Ng Yen Yen and Tan Kok Hong were the other veeps elected and in that order.

There are genuine concerns that another round of leadership tussle will take place if they become the Number One and Two of the MCA.

Then there is Dr Ng Yen Yen, another vice-president who has tried her best to stay out of the Ong Tee Keat/Chua Soi Lek fight but is known to harbour great political ambition nonetheless, to contend with.

“She has offered to be the first female MCA president, but no way are Liow and Kong who has backed Ong Tee Keat all the way going to let that woman get her way.”

Also, Youth Leader Wee Ka Siong and Wanita chief Chew Mei Fun may also want to be appointed full minister should a vacancy exist.

There isn't enough ministerial positions to go around for so many ambitious aspirants

Such a tussle for Cabinet posts may trigger another round of internal strife in a party which can certainly do without one for the moment.

Who are the "third force"?

Unnecessary whining and inflammatory remarks and actions that does nothing but painfully afflicts and bring chaos to none other but our very own Chinese community.

If the third force really forms a new leadership through EGM, causing the efforts of the two confronting factions to be wasted, Ong and Dr Chua can only blame themselves for keep attacking each other over the past month.

Their fight has dragged in a lot of personal grudges and bored the Chinese community, as well as the party's members, who then started to look for the “third option”.

The fight between the two factions has nothing to do with the interest of the Chinese community. Instead, they are just fighting for power. Ong said that Dr Chua is desperate for the party president position while Dr Chua said that Ong is trying to eradicate dissidents.

The 3R (Reject, Reunite and Rejuvenate) manifesto of Dr Chua proposed a future direction and duty for MCA but it did not touch on how to reform the political system of the party and the country.

Ong focused on “anti-corruption” but he did not mention how to resolve conflicts within the party, adjust the leadership style, enhance MCA's status in BN and how will MCA, a party based on racial politics, adapt to the two-line system.

Regardless what is the outcome, the history is going to record a meaningless political struggle, which will be as well the most shameful page in MCA history.

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