19 June, 2009

A whimsical look into who really rules us !

There has always been a lot of talk about secret societies that rule the world well, secretly. Illuminati, Masons, The Foreign Relations committee and The Military-Industrial complex to name a few. What is about to be revealed to you has never been revealed before. A secret so deep, so hidden, and yet so simple. The true ruler of the world is Poland.

Yes, Poland. Think about it. Even in the United States every four years we chose a new president. And how do we chose one? We go to the Poles. The Poles decide who are next leader is going to be. As well as the senators and representatives down to mayors and city councilmen. All are chosen by the Poles. Even some judges are chosen by the Poles.

The ones that chose our leaders are the Election Poles. But it is more far reaching than that. There are also Sports Poles, Opinion Poles, even Idol Poles. The Poles control almost every aspect of our lives. They determine what is transmitted in the media, all media. They determine ranking of college sports teams. They appoint the next winner on television shows.

How do they do this? How is it possible? Long ago, the Poles befriended a race of magical beings caller the Survey. Distantly related to the Leprechauns, these Surveyors go out into the world of humans and gather information. No piece of data is too small. No minutia is overlooked. Nothing is too mundane for the Surveyors to gather. No matter what it is, there is a Survey for it. Some are quite brazen about it. There is even a popular game show where a the host is constantly saying. “And the Survey says…”

Poles are in control of just about every aspect of the world population. Through their allies the Surveyors, they tell everyone what to believe, what to eat, what to watch and read, and who to have to govern them.

The world has become dependent on the Poles. Leaders of world everywhere often make choices after consulting the Poles. The same is true of the everyday person. Whether they go to the Popularity Poles, or the Who’s In Poles, or the Everyone Is Doing It Poles, people are being controlled by what the Poles say.

There is a small group of people who just do not care what the Poles say and are acting accordingly. These people while courageous are usually marginalized and left out of things. They despair so much that they have been known to buy a boat to get away from them. However, a number of them have been tricked, they take the seemingly nonthreatening Fishing Poles with them.

( Source:"The Secret Rulers of the World")



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