07 June, 2009

PAS's intolerant stand.

Delegates at the PAS general assembly want female reporters to cover up and be separated from the men, Penang delegate Tapiudin Hamzah hit out at the women members of the media who had not covered their heads, saying that even if they did not own headscarves, they could at least make an attempt to cover their heads with handkerchiefs or even rags.

He also questioned why women members of the media were allowed to mingle freely with their male colleagues right in front of PAS leaders.

He said this contravened Islamic teachings.

PAS also want the National Fatwa Council to declare the non-governmental organisation Sister in Islam (SIS) as haram (forbidden) if its activities is found to be contrary to the Islamic teachings and principles.

The call was made in a motion that was tabled by Shah Alam division at the party's 55th general assembly here yesterday.

The motion which was adopted without debate also called on the fatwa council to investigate in full the activities of carried out by the organisation.

The division in its motion said the SIS' activities were dangerous as they could cause confusion among the Muslims.

"We are aware that their approach can easily be accepted by the Muslims and this is dangerous as it can twist their aqidah, especially the young and those who went through the secular education," it said.

In an immediate reaction, SIS's programme manager Norhayati Kaprawi asked if other Pakatan Rakyat parties agree to the motion.

“We would like to know what is DAP's and PKR's view on this matter, because they are in Pakatan and whatever PAS does will reflect on Pakatan,” Norhayati told The Malaysian Insider.

She said the party should make it clear on what issue they disagree with Sisters in Islam.

“This is very intimidating because we are a very small organisation,” said Norhayati.

She also accused PAS of being inconsistent in their stand on freedom of expression.

“PAS talks the language of human rights and freedom of expression but when they disagree with us they want to shut us up, this is hypocrisy,” said Norhayati, adding that “what is right and wrong cannot be based on PAS's standard.”

Norhayati urged PAS to widen their perspective as the party was also supported by non-members in the last general election.

In 2004, The opposition Islamic Malaysian party (PAS) says it will enforce the wearing of headscarves and prohibit non-Muslim women from wearing miniskirts should it win control of the northern state of Kedah.

In 2007, Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat blamed women for men’s sleepless nights,and distracting them from prayer.

Previous advice from Mr Nik Abdul Aziz to Malaysia’s women included the suggestion that they would be at a lower risk of being raped if they abandoned their lipstick and perfume.

Nik Abdul Aziz has imposed fines on Muslim women who fail to wear headscarves, and imposed other draconian restrictions. As well as describing smokers as “similar to certain animals which have no brains to think rationally”, he also argued that they should not be allowed to run as candidates in a general election.

He has heavily criticised Malaysia’s endemic corruption, describing bribe-takers as intellectual weaklings who are destined for an eternity in Hell.

During election campaigns, Aziz had often said that only those who support PAS and Islamic law could go to heaven. "PAS supporters in Kelantan will surely be paid back, since with our rules we have managed to ban gambling, karaoke and other bad habits. If people don't vote PAS, it means that that they are in favor of betting, adultery and rape. These people won't go to heaven," he said.

In 1999, Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who heads the fundamentalist Parti Islam Semalaysia (PAS) which rules eastern Kelantan, reportedly said he had "whispered" to his officers who conduct interviews to recruit the less beautiful.

He said pretty women need not work as they could get rich husbands but those not endowed with good looks must look after themselves.

"Normally, women who are blessed by Allah with good looks are married to rich husbands. If they do not have jobs, it is still not a problem to them," he was quoted as saying.

"This is a fair measure. At least the beautiful have husbands to look after them while the non-beautiful have money."

So,do you believe PAS would be a Saviour if the party is in power one day ?

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