10 May, 2009

‘Nude run' probe -Danish Reality Show Humiliates Contestants in Malaysia

It is reported that a “survivor” kind of Denmark reality show, “Robinson Ekspeditionen” has been filmed in Malaysia, an island off Mersing coast. The show, broadcast in Denmark TV3, shocked many because the participants haven been requested to run/race in nude, on the island, along the beach.

Information, Communications and Culture Minister Dr Rais Yatim has announced probe into allegations that an island in Johor was used for a European reality show's "nude run".

"We also have to see that a production does not offend the cultural sensitivities of the various ethnic groups in the country. But morality is a complicated issue. That's why we will have to look at this matter from various angles," Dr Rais said.

An island off Mersing came into focus after it was used as the location for a European reality show, which had its participants running stark naked.

Scenes from the Survivor Robinson Ekspeditionen programme, which had been broadcast over TV3 in Denmark, were published on an online newspaper ScandAsia.com :

This year’s edition of the Danish version of the world-wide reality show ‘Survivor’ (Robinson Ekspeditionen), which is filmed in Malaysia, will contain a naked-race – a running contest, where the contestants run in the nude. This action has made several opinion makers criticise the TV-show for deliberately humiliating the participants.

Of the 22 contestants, 16 of them choose to ‘go comando’, while five of the male contestants kept the boxers on, they were subsequently forced to eat caterpillars on time, to decide who should be sent back to Denmark. One woman refused to be a part of the race and was sent home right away.

This year the constants divided into two teams decided by their intelligence according to the results of an IQ-test.



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