14 March, 2009

Selangor Exco members disclose worth

Selangor senior exco Teresa Kok earns RM32,830.67 a month from her position in the state government as well as a parliamentary and state assembly elected representative, according to a Selangor government portal.

She has no dependants and pays about RM2,000 a month for two properties valued at RM320,000 and she has no car loan to service.

Her exco colleague Datuk Dr Hassan Ali has several children as well as two wives to support on his monthly remuneration of RM17,722.08. He also services a loan for a RM296,565 house and drives a car worth RM151,669.85.

Pandamaran assemblyman and exco member Ronnie Liu earns RM20,727.08 from his salary and allowances as well as Public Mutual dividends.

He also owns a house valued at RM60,000 and a piece of land worth RM200,000.

The information is available on the asset declaration forms posted on the portal.

The information was loaded onto the website www.selangor.gov.my at about 7pm which crashed soon after.

There was difficulty in accessing Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s asset declaration form.

According to an officer from Khalid’s office, several employees are rectifying the glitch.

Khalid had said on Tuesday that asset declaration would be available for public scrutiny in line with the state government’s policy on transparency, accountability and good governance.

He added that asset declaration was also to ensure that those holding high office in the state government would not use their positions to unlawfully acquire assets.

Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah had also urged the MB and exco members to disclose their assets as soon as possible in his opening address of the state assembly on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the wife of Malaysia's next prime minister said it is his destiny to lead the country, despite opposition attempts to link him to corruption and murder.

Rosmah Mansor said the attacks on her husband, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, have made the couple more mature and stronger.

"Let's not do anything unethical to stop it. It is his turn,"

If "God says it is his turn, it is his turn," Rosmah added. "That is the thing we all have to accept, because when (Abdullah became leader) ... we believed that it was his time, his destiny and we went on with our lives."

"If we had not gone through this, we would not have known what resilience is all about," Rosmah said.

She stressed that her conscience was clear, saying that her own test of character is "whether you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, whether you like yourself or not, whether you have told the truth or not."



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