26 December, 2008

The People's Fighter? The Devil On Earth?

Nature strikes back with a vengeance whenever we destroy the environment. Likewise, whenever the government disregards public opinion wantonly destructions caused by human beings, while the people resist, it can expect a backlash.

The best example is, of course, the 8 March general elections which was a large collective counter attack launched by Malaysians to protest against all kinds of unfair and unreasonable rule by the incumbents.

There is no doubt that change, is the most powerful and consistent voice of Malaysians in 2008.

If a country's regime can be changed, so will corruption. (Note that to be changed does not mean to be eliminate). The world and the country are more complicated than we thought as there are many examples of men corrupted by power. Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia as well.

The people have the right to vote for the government in a democratic country but the people-elected government does not necessarily hand the country's power back to the people. Why is it that in the real world, politicians always forget the commitment of serving the community once they are in power?

The most fundamental problem lies in the obsession of power.

There is no sustainable regime in the history. The spell of power is too alluring, it could change a person, making him forget his own dream. That is why, many elected heroes and saviours eventually turned out to be devils that go against the people. They establish all kinds of unreasonable laws in order to make their regimes last longer.

Former Indian Prime Minister late Pamulaparthi Venkata Narasimha Rao wrote in his book Insiders that: Those who insist on gaining power in order to change the world, would always turn themselves into devils along the power seizing process, in which they resort to every conceivable means.

Power, is so awful and ridiculous sometimes!

When we are welcoming the brand new year, and in between change and static, not only the people should remain vigilant, but politicians must remind themselves of not unconsciously turning themselves from "the people's fighters" into "devils on earth" in the pursuit of political power!

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