07 October, 2008

Malaysia bids to try Anwar case in higher court

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim slammed a government bid to move his sodomy trial from a lower court to the High Court, saying that he fears he will end up facing a biased judge.

Before a date could be set for Anwar's trial to begin in a district court, Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail, the top judicial official in the country, ordered it to be transferred to the High Court.

"I am concerned over the issue of fair trial," Anwar told reporters during a break in a hearing before district court Judge Komathy Suppiah to decide if the case should stay with her or be transferred to the High Court.

"I find it difficult to understand why the AG (Attorney General) is so desperate, fighting tooth and nail, to go to the High Court. That has raised a lot of suspicion" that the government would pick a biased judge, he said.

Defense lawyers says Abdul Gani should keep out of the case because of his alleged involvement in a previous sodomy accusation against Anwar, in 1998. Anwar has accused Abdul Gani and national police chief Musa Hassan of fabricating evidence against him in that case.

Anwar's lawyer said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had assured the nation that Abdul Gani would not be involved in the latest case.

"The AG should play no part, and he should not be deciding this," Anwar's lawyer, Sulaiman Abdullah, told the court. Abdul Gani's order "is not valid because it is signed by somebody who has been disqualified," he said.

Prosecutor Yusof Zainal Abiden urged Judge Komathy to "follow the procedure" and order the case to be moved to the High Court.


Some excerpts from Che Det:

If I remember correctly he won the post of Deputy Chief of Pemuda without anyone casting any votes. He won it uncontested. Apart from UMNO Youth chief Hishamuddin Hussein who gave other possible candidates a tongue lashing - telling them in no uncertain terms that they must not contest the position because it was reserved for the Prime Minister's son-in-law, others suspected of having ambitions to contest for the post received phone calls from family members of the PM and other influential supporters not to do anything to spoil the ambition of this first time UMNO member with absolutely no track record from winning uncontested

Although my son will be contesting I have no doubt Khairi will win hands down.

I don't know whether people have heard about the thief who cried "thief!". Well the thief got away because people who are not very intelligent went chasing in the opposite direction. The highly educated thief then walked away with his booty.

I say good luck to Khairi. You are brilliant and worthy of being a brilliant graduate of that great institution, Oxford University of Great Britain.

Ha ! ha !



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