20 August, 2008

Badawi Govt Backs Israel ?

Anwar Ibrahim has accused his country's government of supporting the pro-Israel lobby in the US and Jewish groups inside Israel.

"I have evidence proving that the government is backing the Jewish lobby in the US and some parties inside Israel," Anwar told IslamOnline.net in an exclusive interview.

Mean time,Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's former deputy prime minister, who was accused of illegal sex with a man, the court proceedings so dismayed a Universiti Malaya law lecturer that he told his students to throw away their textbooks.

``What's admissible is irrelevant, what's relevant is not admissible,'' retired High Court and Court of Appeal Judge Shaik Daud Ismail said he told his class after the trial that convicted Anwar started in 1998.

A decade later, with Anwar facing similar charges, Shaik Daud, 72, says Malaysia's judiciary still needs reform.

``The system is crooked,'' said Shaik Daud, who calls himself politically independent.

In Malaysia, King Mizan Zainal Abidin appoints judges on the advice of the prime minister. Judges, not juries, deliver verdicts after hearing evidence from prosecutors and the defense.

The judiciary lost credibility in 1988 when then-King Sultan Iskandar Ismail dismissed Salleh Abas, Malaysia's chief judge, on instructions from a tribunal set up by Mahathir Mohamad, prime minister at the time.

Mahathir denied involvement in the decision, which followed a High Court ruling that his party was illegal because some regional branches weren't properly registered.

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