17 February, 2008

Malaysian government warns citizens about Uncyclopedia

模仿网络百科反讽恶搞 国安部封杀伪基百科


各位网友请注意,查看网络百科全书“维基百科”(wikipedia )时,必须谨慎,不要把仿效“维基百科”、却专与它唱反调,以讽刺、恶搞为目的的“伪基百科”(uncyclopedia)混为一体,以免错把冯京当马凉。


侮辱大马网站 内安部冀关注



Kwong Wah e-Newspaper Date: 2008/01/15 Topic: Malaysia Internal Security Department Warns Its People on Anti-Malaysia Websites / 侮辱大马网站内安部冀关注 URL: http://www.kwongwah.com.my/news/2008/01/15/6.html

The Internal Security Department of Malaysia has identified Uncyclopedia as a dangerous website which has messages and information insulting Malaysia and warns its people not to use the website today.

In the warning notice it mentioned that Uncyclopedia is created in January 5, 2005 and is running by Wikia Inc. The famous Wikipedia website also belongs to this company. But the website is spreading wrong information on Malaysia and is been used widely in the world, especially by the press from the United States.

This article has been declared of PUBLIC CONCERN by the Malaysian Department of Homeland Security
This is because there is no word for "parody" in Malay.

It also mentioned that the website covers many aspects of Malaysia including history, culture, the political leaders, the government, the national song and the name / symptoms of the national flag. However, those information actually are not correct.

The ISD warning says this is insulting Malaysia and the website is spreading unresponsible news to twist the fact that Malaysia now is a peaceful nation and the website tend to make a political separation in Malaysia and cause a bad image of Malaysia in the world.

Through the warning notice the ISD of Malaysia wishes to ask the public not to download, spread the contents of those websites so they won't be effected by the information.(Read more here)

Alert over Uncyclopedia on Malaysia
Jan 15, 2008 (CNET Asia)

Malaysia's Internal Security Ministry, which is the custodian of laws governing print media, has found its fingers on the online pie.

There was a directive that alerted newspaper editors on an online resource, the sarcasm-filled Uncyclopedia, warning readers of "untruths, insults and ridicule" about the country.

The press statement, picked up by a vernacular paper, highlighted that the Uncyclopedia covers Malaysia's history, culture, politics, leaders, composition of the Cabinet, national anthem, and names and characteristics of the national flag, in which some information has been found erroneous.

The statement said Uncyclopedia has effectively trespassed Malaysia's esteem with an agenda to cause disunity of the country. As such, the ministry advised the editors not to surf or download information from Uncyclopedia.

Interestingly, the Government did not provide any clue as to how to mitigate people's access to Uncyclopedia, which was mooted by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.



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