26 January, 2008

Controversy after Buddhist buried as Muslim, again ?!!

By now the whole malaysia and even the world knew that we have lost our battle to the so-called Syariah Court. This court are mend for Muslim and we being the chinese why should be have our case in Syariah court. Without our presence, the S***id court declared the my FIL is a MUSLIM. D**m you, where are all the democratic sound by the government. do you think you are fair to us as a Malaysian? Do you know that even a dead person have their right as a human to decide what or how he want himself to be buried when he died?

When the group of B****ard win the case, they rushed into the Rumah mayat and in the newspaper they claim that We have pushed them. When we told them that we are getting the court injuction in the high court, they do not willing to hear anything but to proceed with the preparation in accordance with the Islam. We have to shout and scream to stop them from doing it. We are given 10 minutes to get the Pengarah hospital to stop the process but the pengarah told us NO. Then they proceed down to the Rumah mayat again. I have scream and scream to asked them to delayed the process as in the court order does not state what time they need to complete the process. Why are they so rush? Are they scare if we win the court injuction? Are they scare that they do not have proof? No body knew why are they so scare. My bloody, heartless and so called holy man BIL have kept his head down like * so tou wu kuai * and dare not face us when we scream at him to come and talk to us. He is a b****rd. A real damn bloody no heart for his parent.

- From the blog :"My Family"

PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the power-sharing concept of Malaysia's government had brought pro-gress to the nation because its leadership of various races and faiths believed in working together (LOL)for the good of all Malaysians.

"Because politics is the major factor that determines the pattern of development and future of the country, our consensus is wide-ranging. All aspects of the country's development receive the attention of the cabinet that represents different races and faiths,"(LOL) Abdullah said at a press conference on Thursday.

He said he made this point as an example of interfaith co-operation during the question-and-answer session on "Faith and Modernisation" at the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) here, where he was one of the speakers.

"We have succeeded because of our concept of sharing power and making decisions through consensus. We can proudly say that we have succeeded for 50 years. But, this does not mean that there are no problems to be addressed.

Mr Prime Minister, read this :

An ethnic Chinese man was buried as a Muslim following a court ruling, triggering angry protests yesterday from his family, who said he was a Buddhist and had never converted to Islam.

It is the latest in an increasing number of interfaith conflicts that have raised tensions in multiethnic Malaysia. About 60 percent of Malaysians are Muslim Malays and most disputes that have landed in court ended against non-Muslims, who feel their religious rights are under threat.

An Islamic Shariah High Court in the central Negeri Sembilan state ruled on Thursday that Gan Eng Gor, 74, also identified as Amir Gan Abdullah, was a Muslim and should be buried under Islamic rites. The burial took place late on Thursday in Negeri Sembilan.

The man's body was seized by police on a complaint by his eldest son, Abdul Rahman Gan, a Muslim convert. He claimed his father had changed his religion from Buddhism to Islam last July.

His other family members disputed the claim and the case was sent to the Shariah High Court.

Judge Mohamad Nadzri Abdul Rahman said he ruled in favor of the eldest son because Amir's wife and seven other children, who had disputed the conversion, were not in court on Thursday to present their arguments.

Gan Hock Sin, another son of the dead man, said the family did not go to the Shariah court because they felt it was unfair to hold the case there.

"It's not fair for us. I don't know how they say he converted. My father couldn't even talk [before his death],'' Gan said.

"Unfortunately we feel the way they do [these conversions] is not fair for non-Muslim people. The government should be more transparent," he said.

He said the police had seized the body when the family was carrying out Buddhist rites in a Chinese funeral parlor.

The family had asked the state's civil High Court to hear the case, but a judge ruled he had no jurisdiction in the matter as the Shariah court had already made a decision, said a court official, who declined to be named.

Malaysia has a dual court system for civil matters with secular courts for non-Muslims and Shariah courts for Muslims. In interfaith disputes, involving Muslims, the Shariah court usually gets the last word, making a decision in favor of non-Muslims less likely.

The latest case follows one earlier this month in which Islamic authorities claimed a woman's body, arguing she had converted to Islam.
(Taipei Times)

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