27 February, 2007

Irresponsible blogging. ? Who’s behind “Walk With Us”?

I am deeply troubled by the Walk With Us website. In it’s two most recent post, it launched an attack on NSTP’s lawyers and their representing firm, Shearn Delamore. It didn’t require me much brain power to know the site is clearly against NSTP’s maneouvre but making personal attacks is like hitting below the belt. It’s like insulting someone’s mother or race. It’s biased and no longer credible. Also, it’s sub judice. Plus, to abuse the statement of claims is unforgivable.

- Politikus

To let you be the judge, we have obtained the documents from sources within Shearn Delamore, and published here, in four parts, to help you get a good grasp of the merits of the case. As we are not plagiarists — unlike Brenden John Pereira — please allow us to attribute to Rishwant Singh of Shearn Delamore as the author of the said documents.

So people, judge it. The statement of claims (which I too have provided) was meant to inform and fill the information gap. What WWU has done is to not only analyse the suit for you, it has helped you think and decide that Shearn and it’s lawyers are a bunch of wankers. ‘Merits’? Those aren’t merits. That is singling out Kalimullah and lowering him in the eyes of the public. It’s also known as defamation.

Is this responsible blogging? Is that what Rocky and Jeff wants? They have been gagged on their sites but that does not mean other sites should act in the extreme of accusations. Analysis are not facts. It’s a statement of claims ordered by NSTP and others, it is not Shearn’s. They merely act on the instructions of their paymasters.

Shearn Delamore will play dirty.

That’s not the last of Shearn Delamore’s shoddy slip-shot.

This is where the devils of Shearn Delamore and Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan, the dominant plaintiff, lie.

For now, you should know that Shearn Delamore and Kalimullah are now cracking. They have cocked up big time on the statement of claims to move their case forward.

By virtue of abusing such information, I can imagine WWU’s sources within Shearn will feel insulted. To help somebody be given shit back reflects badly on administrators of WWU. My concerns are that it would take many bloggers down with them into this crusade which they’ve set out for themselves.

So now looking at what irresponsible people do to credible information, it has affirmed my fear when I first laid out the suits against Rocky and Jeff. The information gap has been filled but sadly rumour mills and one-sided analysis travel faster than the speed of light. Think how popular Malaysia Today is and how unreliable it is. To gain popularity is one move (or as Jerry puts it, everybody wants to be general) but one must do it in balance and in a just manner. Being one-sided breeds extremism. And people decide to become martyrs before understanding the facts, appreciating the truth and being objective about things.


今天中午,政治鼠 (Politikus) 找了胡某去喝茶。咱們整個新年沒見,本來我想見個面吹吹水也未嘗不是件好事。

於是,我們一行三人便走到離辦公室不遠的馬來餐室,那裡沒有冷氣,但有胡某鐘愛的 Mee Sup。我們坐下後不久,伊便拿出她的行動電話,給我看她最近收到某位博客傳給她的簡訊。




ANALYSIS. The day Rocky made his first appearance on January 25 to defend the defamation suit taken against him by The NSTP & Gang of Four, WALK WITH US went on record to expose the ultimate agenda of the plaintiffs — that is to muzzle the entire blogosphere, damn the bloggers AND censore [sic] the blog commentators by misusing an instrument of law — defamation suit!

[胡某譯:在一月二十五日 Rocky 出庭辯護自己被新海峽時報組織和四人幫控上誹謗罪的當天,與我們同行 (Walk With Us) 便公佈了起訴人的終極議程 — 那就是濫用法律上的誹謗條文把整個博客界消音,抹黑博客和檢查刪除部落格的留言!]




請大家自己思考這件事的是非對錯,冷靜地想一想,因為憤怒的群眾 (Mob) 是任由情緒左右的。

胡某想了很久。決定把這 “Bloggers’ United” 旗幟摘下。





Translation :

Dear All and blogger friends

This noon, I had lunch with politikus. Since I haven’t seen her for a while, it may be a good idea to catch up a bit and trade war stories. So, we went to a stall not far from the office, it’s not air-conditioned but they served my favourite mee soup. After taking our seats, she showed us how she was urged to reveal her real identity. Apparently, there is a group of people who are busy getting people to own up their real identity and the movement is on going. And this has to do with the case with Jeff Ooi, which prompted bloggers to put up the avatar on their blogs to show support. I believe no one would ever dream that in a short few months, this online movement has gone down to this:


The day Rocky made his first appearance on January 25 to defend the defamation suit taken against him by The NSTP & Gang of Four, WALK WITH US went on record to expose the ultimate agenda of the plaintiffs — that is to muzzle the entire blogosphere, damn the bloggers AND censore [sic] the blog commentators by misusing an instrument of law — defamation suit!

Don’t you think the above is a little overheated? Supporting freedom of speech doesn’t mean supporting irresponsible blogging. This intentional raising of temperature within the blogosphere is alarming to me because only history will tell who is the real gang of 4 of the Internet age.

I think we need to calm down and think hard and fast, because a mob is ruled by emotions. I thought for a long while, and decided to take the banner down because I dun want to be represented by a stranger at this juncture of time. The blogosphere can be positive.

Though I think both sides are wrong in the case of NSTP vs Jeff Ooi, but it doesn’t mean there is a conspiracy theory behind this

Please people, think trice.


Jeremiah Foo

( translation by Jerry himself )

Comments posted @ Politikus

There was nothing objective about WWU@blogspot when the whole basis of setting it up was to side Rocky and Jeff per se, and the Malaysian blogosphere, in general. It was purely US vs THEM.

I already had doubts about the so called “insider’s information” WWU@blogspot got when in the post “round-2-nstp-gang-resorts-to-avoid-rockys-striking-out”, there were (and still remains) TWO links to a blog that has (I assume) no relation to SD.

IMHO, WWU@blogspot is as good a skanky publication as NST in terms of news mangling and gossip manufacturing. Let’s not even talk about Malaysia-today yet.

We want to win the war walking together, but can we even stand taller against our perceived enemies?

- Bolehland

I think Bloggers United and WWU are two separate entities with dissimilar functions. The former tries to get everyone together in defense of the 2, whereas WWU has an axe to grind with NST.

I cannot recall BU regurgitating or referring to WWU, and v.v. i think Sheih’s (founder) been rather reasonable and blogs as well as his poster days. So taking out the BU logo may be a little premature too.

Unity is always hard to maintain in any organisation or group, especially since blogging in itself is a rather individualistic solitary venture. So when there are Alpha bloggers, Betas and Gammas too, there are always a hundred generals too many, each with their own fantastic and strong opinions on how to move forward.

Perhaps keep in mind that we are in this, to express solidarity for the long lonely road that JO and R have to travel (and that I can attest, having a 10-yr-old civil suit still continuing and almost zero interest/attendance from the NGOs), and to remind ourselves that it could well be anyone of us in the near future if we don’t stand up, be counted and fight back.

- elizabethwong

Thanks Eli, you are so right. It’s not fair to equate Bloggers United and WWW - we’re not one and the same and we don’t agree with everything WWW says and does. The most we use them as reference, like we do all others. And if they are not right, others must point out, as politikus did, and we’ll move from there.

If you equate us, its just like PM and NST, attacking two bloggers and saying all bloggers are irresponsible. Think about it. Think about the bigger picture. I have said it before, those behind WWW should make themselves known. Doing something as huge as this but hiding behind a pseudonym doesn’t serve the bigger purpose. Good luck to those behind WWW but Bloggers United must focus on the big fight. In every revolution there would be believers and disbelievers, but the fight has to go on.

And Jeremy, I think its you who should think thrice, bloggers united is not a stranger. Look at my blogroll, and see how many of us are using our own identities to blog.

- susan loone

eli, susan: great points leading to a great discussion. i do agree BU is distinct from WWU but will everybody be able to see it? it’s the act of condemning the lawyers that bugged me the most because that is one of the reason why i never decided to be a lawyer because i can never go against certain principles that i have. seeing it in motion right now and i am sure it won’t be the last.

the motives of the WWU is questionable and it’s posts are impressionable. i simply hope people would know better and not fall into the trap of spiting shearn just to be a ‘general’. i not only have friends in shearn and i also have friends in every level in various fraternities of the legal system. the respect i have for the profession is still strong and unless the WWU crew can show some legal training perhaps, their analysis is a fallacy.

many think WWU is endorsed somewhat by the more prominent bloggers. looks like something that requires investigation into. irresponsibility also comes with a price. will speak to both shearn and chooi lawyers on this matter.

ek: i agree on WWU being the NST equivalent. the use of the word ’skanky’ was an excellent choice, i might add.

- politikus

“Speaking of Jerry, he has decided to remove the Bloggers United button from his page. Why? Here’s why.”

Dearest Politikus,

Bloggers United got nothing to do with Walk With Us. I personally do not know who is behind Walk With Us. It can be anybody, it can also be someone from NST. So let not start slamming each other just yet. The journey is still long.

As you interviewed me for Bloggers United establishing themselves on the net two months ago, It would be even nicer, if you could actually check with me first on this matter. But again, it is entirely your choice.

However, let me make it clear hear, Bloggers United is not Walk With US blog site and neither do Susan and me know anybody behind Walk With Us.


Syed Azidi AlBukhary
@ Sheih Kickdefella

sheih: cheers for the clarification. i did ask a few bloggers to see if they are involved but trust me, my assumptions are not entirely mine alone. it’s great to hear it from the man himself spearheading the BU movement. however, the air isn’t cleared yet. conspiracy theories are rife and many BU supporters turn to WWU for information.

i’m not questioning the BU movement but i’m concerned with that could potentially happen, my fears for the long haul should people stream to WWU.

after i posted the amended SOC agst rocky, my hits shot to it’s all time high with about 90% of visitors were directed from WWU and it is shows MANY people turn to that site.

also sheih, many of you link to them including you yourself and it’s worrisome but it could come across as a from of endorsement. jeff does the same. i guess it’s people’s choice to decide who they want to link but i would never link sites whom i think loses sight of the objective of responsible blogging.

my views are my own and the fact i disagree with WWU is not to say ‘oh, don’t visit them’ but think hard and choose to understand, not to follow their footsteps in getting too carried away with their ‘battle’. i hope to think this isn’t some jihad but a positive journey that we walk hand and hand, and not by simply demonising others so recklessly.

in fact, no where in my post did i say BU was part of WWU so don’t hold that against me. but you can’t escape the fact that many many think they run absolutely parallel with each other. when i said i may take my BU button down, i stand by that but only if BU loses it’s focus and take the route that WWU has taken. but with your assurance abang sheih, i have the utmost faith it was stay there for awhile :)

jerry’s view are of course his own, he has a website where you can send your reply / comment / criticism.

once again, thanks so much for your reply :)

- Politikus

This is indeed a very interesting blog and a particularly interesting post. IMHO, I think this BU movement has been blown out of proportion. It started as a sign of support to the rocky and jeff but now, it’s like a strong movement sweeping across the blogosphere like a tsunami. Another up the pipeline is “band of bloggers”, I believe a logo for it is up in Malaysia Today.

I can’t say much as I am merely a 2 month old blogger, can be considered an infant. But when I first put up a BU logo in my blog (I think it’s my 3rd post), I meant to support rocky and jeff and in a way, show my disapproval to what NSTP was doing. But to gather all bloggers under the banner of BU and starting having agendas… now, that’s not very wise… not in Malaysia.

- zewt

come on, politikus and jeremy…dont beat around the bush…your reference to irresponsible blogging and bloggers united is crystal clear..eli, sheih and i could see…u mean to say we dont understand english?

anyway, all we want to do is make ourselves clear - we are not behind WWW - i made that clear to you when we were online — i believe even before you had lunch with jeremy—and this posting shocked me—but nevertheless it doesnt matter—we said what we have to—i have said it earlier and i will say it again, in any fight, there would always be those who break easily and those who continue to be strong.

and zewt, what is wrong with having bloggers under one banner?—you would realise the importance when you are sued for example.

there will be no more comments from me on this.

- susan loone

Dearest Politikus,

Bloggers United are link to lots of bloggers from different background, race and based. That is the unique thing about it. I was bombarded left and right for the differences Bloggers United carries. They condemned blogger united for having Gen-M and for having pro Mahathir site supporting us. But if you care to check, Bloggers United is a tool to look beyond the diferences. We are each and every Malaysia. We link beyond political parties, ideology and racial identities. We are difference because we unite all type of differences. Lets cherish the differences instead of condenming it.

Please, I beg us to unite not just for Rocky and not just for Jeff but for the future of blogsphere. We may started with Rocky and Jeff but if we manage to go this far, why not we continue to Unite for the sake of Malaysia, the real Malaysian ways.

Let’s forget who we vote for, lets forget who we fight for, we are not mainstream media, we do not answer to the shareholders. As for my personal opinion, Walk With Us have the entire right to post what ever they deem is appropriate for them, we as the readers have the entire right to post our comment whether twe agreed or disagree with them. That is what blog are about. At the end of the day, thats the beauty of it.

Today I pull out my poster because I received an email that inteprete my poster as sexist and discriminating and distasteful. I pull out because the commenter give me a point of view which I am blinded.

As we always believe, blogging translated our personal views to the world, we carries our emotion into it. We sometime even condemn our sister in our blog. Do we hurt her feeling by doing so?

Please, again, I beg us to cherish the differences because that is what Bloggers United are all about.

- Sheih

Apparently, there is a group of people who are busy getting people to own up their real identity and the movement is ongoing.

Jerry, nobody asked me to reveal myself. I have cross-swords with countless bloggers, Jeff and Rocky included. They knew me only as Zorro. When these two were “bullied” I came out in the open to defend them. I am just an insignificant poster. But I wanted blogsphere to know that I am a real person, posting without fear or favor. I wanted you all to know that it is a real person and not a nick, that will be speaking from the heart. I want to add credibility to every word I put out. There is nothing I want to hide. I have yet to learn to spin a top, at 67.

About ” a group of people who are busy getting people to own up”…..seriously Jerry, I move around with these bloggers and I have not heard anyone coercing anyone to own up. Yes some of us, Sheih, Rocky and I are playfully pressuring for Shar101, who currently posts some of the most meaningful, relevant and impactful comments, to start a blog. I still dont know what his real name is. I just call him Shar. Jerry, I do not know which pasar malam or mamak joint you got your piece. Come to the National Press Club where we spread no rumours but in revelry just piss each other off. Politikus is aftraid to come to the NPC….probably she will, if you bring her along. The beers on me Jerry.
Oh yes I respect your right if you want to take off the Bloggers United logo. Cheers.

- zorro-unmasked

ts disheartening to note that certain quarters are trying to throw mud onto the face of the Bloggers United movement. For now, it is rather unnecessary to mention just who these people are. But its expected, in every concerted effort against superpowers, there would be some who will break us in the process, and more who will continue to be strong and supportive.

- Susan Loone

It all started with the latest postings on unknown author blog Walk With Us (WWW)- the blog started right after the papers were served on Rocky and Jeff. Since then, it has garnered a huge following due to several revealing and controversial articles on Kallimulah and NST.

The latest postings have invoked the ire of some bloggers who are now raving and ranting about how irresponsible bloggers are. One I know have pulled down the Bloggers United logo from his website, saying he does not want to be represented by a stranger, another is threatening to do so.

According to these bloggers, the posting is irresponsible and sub-judice.

We respect your right of opinion about the posting, and to select who’s going to be on your blogroll but to make Bloggers United a victim of irresponsible blogging is unfair. We are not strangers, hundreds of us who support Bloggers United have our real identities out (just take a peek at my blogroll). If you equate us with WWW, it is just like what the PM and NST did, take action on Rocky and Jeff for their postings, and in the process, drag all bloggers in, and label us irresponsible.

Its disheartening when people start equating WWW with Bloggers United. We are not behind WWW, we want to make this clear. We support all efforts to support free speech, Rocky and Jeff, but we cannot be responsible for postings which are problematic to some.

What is more disheartening is that the person who wrote the posting did actually ask me if I were behind WWW and I had firmly said “No”. I do not know who is behind it, I can only guess, but I may be wrong. I know some of my more activists minded blogger friends are not behind it too (because I ask them). But sadly, this side of my story was not reflected in the said posting.

I’d like to reiterate that I am not against the posting which questioned WWW’s credibility, but when references are made to Bloggers United, no matter how tiny, I feel there is a need for us to respond.

Bloggers United has not contributed any articles to WWW, though many of us have their link in our blogroll. But that doesn’t mean we endorse and thorougly support blindly all they say and do. And this goes for hundred of blogs out there as well.

There are hundreds of blogs now under the Bloggers United movement - both in Malaysia and overseas. There are diverse opinions and postings too. Not all we agree to. But we will defend your right to say it, nevertheless.

Many are still anonymous, like WWW. We respect your right to remain so because the message is really more important than the messenger. And the truth is, many appreciate the efforts of WWW to offer us - hungry for information bloggers - an alternative source of information, though the information may always be disputable. But that is how democracy thrives. Yes, what WWW is doing is cyber guerilla warfare - very much needed, some would say - in a repressive state like ours.

What we like to say is this: you may join them or condemn them, the choice is entirely yours.

But the Bloggers United movement is NOT WWW, and vice versa. It is important to note that even the WWW does not carry the Bloggers United logo, courtesy of kickdefella.

Ps: Always check with Sheih and I, if you are doubtful of any action in the name of Bloggers United. We are responsible and we do not want to abuse your support and trust in this wonderful movement.

Band of Bloggers - to support or not?

Since the Band of Bloggers burst into the scene, we’ve been asked if Bloggers United supports them. Our stand is very clear.

1. We support all efforts to support freedom of expression and free speech, and those who come together to support Rocky and Jeff Ooi;

2. We recognise the diversity of blogs out there with a multitude of opinions on a variety of issues - some are political, some are not. However, inspite of each blog’s agenda, we are happy if bloggers come together to defend theirs (and others) freedom in blogsphere;

3. We do NOT represent anyone, you are free to make your own choice, whether to support this or that blog, whether to take this stand or that stand, whether you are UMNO, MCA,MIC, PAS, DAP or Keadilan, any party in Sabah or Sarawak, or whether you are partyless, whatever skin color or creed you are, Malaysian or not Malaysian, or somewhere in between;

4. We may not agree to everything you say, but we will defend your right to say it. However, if what you say is detrimental to our cause, we will defend ourselves with debates. We are not being emotional or personal, but if you choose to cross the line, we are at the front line;

5. We will NOT impose our ideas on others, we call for support, but we will not force you to support us if you do not want to. The space is free, and so is your choice. Do not let anyone compel you to do otherwise;

6. Most of all, we promote responsible blogging and will take responsibility for all our actions. If we are wrong, we will apologise, if we are wrong, please feel free to refute, comment or advice us. None of us is above the other; and none of us is above the law.

Sheih of kickdefella and Susan Loone.



Anonymous politikus said...

you got the chronological order backwards. my blog post was made first. best stick to the original chain of events :)

cheers mate!

March 01, 2007 9:59 PM  
Blogger Linken Lim said...

Hi,lady politikus,
Thanks for dropping by.
Rojak ma , anyway the posting reconstructed now.

March 02, 2007 6:13 PM  
Blogger zewt said...

hey there... noticed that you've quoted me in your blog... it's an honour...

March 05, 2007 2:25 AM  
Blogger Linken Lim said...

Hello Zewt,
Thanks for dropping by.
I am a regular reader to your blog too.
Cheer !

March 06, 2007 11:31 PM  

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