31 July, 2006

Don't Wallow In Self-pity, PM Tells Malays

KUALA TERENGGANU, July 31 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Monday told the Malays to refrain from wallowing in self-pity any more and take advantage of the opportunities to progress.

Attitudes such as indulging in self-pity, subjecting oneself to grief and isolating oneself from development would only cause the Malays to be left out of development, he said.

"We have to migrate from a less favourable situation to a more favourable one, from a depressive state of mind to one that sees the opportunities that abound," he said at the presentation of offer letters for lease of affordable apartments in Pulau Duyong, here.more....


Singapore calls for cessation of hostilities in Middle East

Singapore on Monday urged all sides involved in the Israel-Lebanon crisis to exercise restraint and immediately cease hostilities.

In response to media queries on the civilian casualties in the Israeli air strike on the Lebanese town of Qana, a spokesman from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Singapore is deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of innocent lives.

"We urge all sides to exercise restraint and immediately cease the activities that have triggered this cycle of violence," the statement said.

"We support the UN's (United Nations) call for a cessation of hostilities. This is an important first-step to pave the way for a solution that would secure security for all parties and peace and stability in the region," it added.

At least 57 Lebanese, including 37 children were killed in an Israeli air raid on the southern Lebanese village of Qana Sunday morning.

The Israeli air strikes which killed at least 56 civilians mostly children and women in Qana, southern Lebanon are the latest proof that the Zionist state is the greatest human rights violator in the world.

An international affairs observer, Mustofa Maufur said since the beginning of its establishment, Israel had carried out a lot of war crimes by killing Palestinian people.

"Actually, it's not surprising if the Israeli air strikes killed many civilians, mostly children, Antara news agency reported Monday quoting Maufur as saying.

The lecturer at the Bogor-based University of Juanda said this attacks are one of the many instances proving that Israel is a war criminal.

"As the Jewish people believe that the Jews are a super nation, while other nations are second class peoples who could be treated as the Jews want," Maufur said.

The International Amnesty recorded that Israeli military have killed more than 100 Palestinians in the past one year, he added.

"The reason for the war is Israel is against the Human Rights, and Israeli target is geographic expansion," he said.

The Arab League is like a toothless tiger which is helpless and does not do anything to stop the Israeli continuous brutality, the lecturer said.

"Although the United Nations has called for a cease-fire, Israel has refused, and the UN can not do anything because the United States is behind Israel," he said.

Meanwhile, Indonesia strongly condemned the air strikes on Qana in the southern Lebanon, said Indonesian President's spokesman Dino Patty, adding that the tragedy reinforces the need for a cease-fire. "The Israeli attack was a violation of international law and offended our shared sense of humanity," Dino said.


Asian nations condemn Israeli raid on Qana, read the news HERE.


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